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Your business is important, and you'd do everything possible ensure it becomes a success. At Tallac Partners, LLC, we understand this and want to help. Formed to make selective investments for growing companies, we assist in broadening small businesses domestically, as well as overseas. We put our excess of 40 years of investment experience to work across an extensive base of securities, industries, and environments and made it our goal to invest in various asset classes in long-term capital appreciation focused opportunities.

Our investors are very open to considering all types of opportunities in the technology industry, and our fast response times prove we are very interested in all inquiries. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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About Our Growth Capital Investments

Tallac Partners, LLC is fully engaged in analysis and diligence. Our investments include equity and debt stakes in the following companies:

• Pure Digital

• Gump's

• LiveOps

• Corgi, Ltd. (NASD: CRGI)

• Wag Hotels


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